Didi Car Racetrack


Whizz around our brand new safety controlled Didi Car Racing track!

Didi Cars have proven to be a very popular add on at many parties we have catered for over the years, so when we saw the launch of this great new product we knew we had to get one.

Not sure what Didi Cars are? They are just fantastic! Didi Car is a unique self-propelled ride on toy for children (Even the adults love these too!) It doesn’t need batteries, pedals or a motor! It simply propels by the kids raising their feet off the floor and wiggling the steering wheel from left to right. It’s that simple!

Didi Cars are safe and ideal to use indoors on a smooth and flat surface. Not only are they a great add-on to your party, but they provide the kids with exercise in any setting and promotes physical development as well as balance, co-ordination, spacial and speed awareness. These amazing little cars provide all the above, but above all else it’s just plain FUN!! And now with a track to race in we are confident this will be a big hit at any boy or girls party.

Included in the hire of the race track will be 4 brightly coloured new and improved cars. These new Didi Cars have rubber wheels which will allow for better traction and a smoother ride. We will also be including a chequered flag.

Suitable for ages 2 years+
Track Size: W 15ft x L 20ft x H 7ft
Minimum area required: W 19ft x L 22ft x H 7.5ft
Suitable for Indoor use only

£60 Per Hire


£40 when hired with any other inflatable.