Adult Sumo Suits


If you are planning a special event and you want to have lots of fun and laughs then this is the game for you.

Sumo Suits are an exciting and hilarious activity for any event from Birthday Parties, BBQs or just a good old family get together.

This hugely enjoyable and very competitive sport could not be simpler than two people putting on the amusing padded Sumo Suits and then try to push and shove each other out of the ring. You will cry with laughter as you watch the two wrestlers not only battle each other but the Sumo Suit itself as they waddle around the ring.

This fantastic game is all played on a 12ft x 12ft padded matted area. The two padded suits come equipped with neck braces and a fully padded helmet to protect against the most vicious of attacks.

How to play the game:
After you suit up, the object of the game is to push, shove, or just try your hardest to throw your opponent off balance so you can “splat” him or her as they do in the professional Japanese matches. You can also try to get him or her off balance and knock them out of the circle. Do this three times and you win!

Suitable for 14 years and up

Size: W 12ft x D 12ft

Minimum area required: W 16ft x D 16ft

Suitable for indoor & outdoor use

£65 per hire